Educational Therapy - Anne Casimir MA


From 2002 to the end of 2011, Anne Casimir was Senior Therapist and Head of Clinical Services at the Caspari Foundation, the country‚Äôs leading centre of excellence for Educational Psychotherapy.  She opened her Private Consulting Practice in January 2012.

As the Senior Educational Psychotherapist at the Caspari Foundation she worked with children, young people, parents and families experiencing educational difficulties or emotional distress.  The majority of these children were from disadvantaged families she also worked with private clients and high-profile families there.  Her job also involved consulting to school staff and other professionals.

She continues to serve on the Caspari Foundation's Board of Professional Ethics, and to offer supervision to other professionals.

After training as a teacher at Oxford University, Anne Casimir taught at primary schools in the UK and overseas at International Schools for ten years. She then qualified as an Educational Psychotherapist at the world-renowned Tavistock Clinic, London, where she obtained a Masters degree in Psychoanalytical Studies.

She has delivered presentations to national and international conferences on the subject of Children's Learning and on Children's Emotional Well-being.  

Among her published works in the Journal for Educational Psychotherapy and in specialist books are: "A Healing Narrative", "Working through Trauma in an Educational Context", "Only Connect: The Impact of Inter-Generational Loss on Children and Families", and "Angry Feelings About Learning".