Educational Therapy - Anne Casimir MA

Consultant Educational Psychotherapist Anne Casimir works with children and young people experiencing difficulties at school or emotional distress at home.

Using play, drawing, and creative story work, Anne Casimir builds supportive relationships with the children.  She helps them express themselves and make progress in their ability to learn and to participate at school, and to improve their emotional well-being.

The positive impact on a child's development and achievement can be very rapid.  

She also works with adolescents, giving teenagers the opportunity and the ability to talk about  and to understand their issues and concerns.  They are enabled to develop strategies for managing their behaviour and adjusting to any changes in their lives.

The problems she has successfully dealt with have included:

  • a lack of focus and motivation at school
  • problems with learning at school
  • low self-confidence 
  • emotional distress within the family or at school
  • difficulty going to school
  • difficulties with sleep or eating
  • worrying behaviour
  • self-harm
  • being bullied
  • exam stress
  • dealing with adoption
  • dealing with sibling rivalry 
  • reactions to family conflict, separation or loss 
  • illness or bereavement in the family

Anne aims to involve parents in supporting their children, so strengthening family relationships. Parents get the opportunity to discuss their concerns about their children or teenagers in a confidential and non-judgmental setting.