Educational Therapy - Anne Casimir MA

Helping school-age children and their families

Services Offered

  • Consultations and advice for parents;

  • A three-session assessment for children and young people, alongside initial and review sessions for their parents;

  • If needed, further therapeutic work for children and young people;

  • Consultation with and advice to school staff. 

 About Anne Casimir's Work

Anne Casimir specialises in working with children and young people, aged 5 to 18, experiencing difficulties or emotional distress at school or at home.

Using a variety of techniques that include drawing and creative story work, she builds supportive relationships with children and teenagers. As they express themselves, they make progress in their ability to learn and participate at school, and improve their emotional wellbeing.

The positive impact on their development and achievement can be very rapid. Crucially, parents are involved in the process of change, so strengthening family relationships.

Educational Psychotherapy can usually help your child or teenager develop confidence, and achieve his or her unique potential.