Educational Therapy - Anne Casimir MA

Parents and Teachers: What They've Said

"Anne helped not only my son but also us as a family. When I became ill my son developed a lot of problems at school. After he began weekly sessions with Anne, things improved at school and home. My son is now much happier and more confident in his own abilities. Academically he is doing brilliantly... If it was not for Anne, I really don’t know what the outcome would have been.”

“My daughter didn’t want to go to school. It became a nightmare and the impact on the family was huge. When she began going to see Anne, I noticed almost immediately that she seemed happier and more able to cope. This reduced the stress on the whole family. She found the resilience and confidence to attend school. I realise how important it is to find help early on.”

“Jenny has gained an enormous amount from her sessions with Anne and has changed beyond all expectations. Her learning has taken off, and her behaviour has improved. Her confidence has soared and she has many more friends. Overall, she is a success and it’s a testament to the hard work delivered by Anne.” (Teachers' report)

“Anne guided my son through an extremely volatile and difficult time. Her natural empathy encouraged him to communicate openly and restored calm to our home. Non- judgemental and genuinely concerned, Anne has also helped me enormously as a parent.”