Educational Therapy - Anne Casimir MA

Proven Results

In Anne Casimir's work over the last eight years, 90 per cent of children experiencing learning and or emotional difficulties made “very good" to "excellent" improvement, according to the Standardised Monitoring and Evaluation statistics of the Caspari Foundation.

An Example: A Child's Picture of Herself

'Jenny', aged 10, had been bullied at school, while also struggling to cope with her mother's illness. She felt unwell at school and often asked to go home.  

In the sessions, Jenny used games and drawings as a way of expressing her thoughts and feelings.  For example, she wrote above this picture: "I feel anger in this picture because of my mum [who had been ill] and the boy A."

"I had a chance to be myself and grow good again," she later wrote about her therapy sessions.

Her school wrote:

"Jenny has gained an enormous amount from her sessions with Anne and has changed beyond all expectations. Her learning has taken off, and her behaviour has improved. Her confidence has soared and she has many more friends. Overall, she is a success and it’s a testament to hard work delivered by Anne.”